Staff Publications

Featured Publications by CHER Staff and Research Associates

CHER staff and Research Associates have, combined, published more than thirty books and hundreds of scientific journal articles and book chapters. Below we list a few of our recent publications with links to further information and availability.


Widerquist, Karl, and Grant S. McCall

2019 Lithic Technology in Sedentary Societies. University Press of Colorado.

Horowitz, Rachel, and Grant S. McCall

2019 Lithic Technology in Sedentary Societies. University Press of Colorado.

McCall, Grant S.

2018 Strategies for Quantitative Research: Archaeology by Numbers. Routledge.

Widerquist, Karl and Grant S. McCall

2017 Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy. Edinburgh University Press.

Johnson, Scott

2017 (in press) Why Did Ancient Civilizations Fail? Routledge.

McCall, Grant S.

2014 Before Modern Humans: New Perspectives on the African Stone Age. Left Coast Press. (Now available from Routledge in paperback.)

Biesele, Megan, and Robert Hitchcock

2013 The Ju/'hoan San of Nyae Nyae and Namibian Independence. Berghahn Books.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Hitchcock, Robert

2019 Foragers and food production in Africa. World Journal of Agriculture and Soil Science 1(5).

Spitz, Jean-Fabien, Steiner, Hillel, Van Parijs, Philip, and Karl Widerquist

2019 Why Private Property? Raisons Politiques 73(1): 119-131.

Hitchcock, Robert

2017 Discontinuities in ethnographic time: a view from Africa. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 46: 12-27.

Greaves, Russell D., et al.

2016 Economic activities of twenty-first century foraging populations. In Why Forage? Hunters and Gatherers in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Brain F. Codding and Karen L. Kramer, pp. 241-262. School for Advanced Research Press and University of New Mexico Press.

McCall, Grant S., and Karl Widerquist

2015 The evolution of equality: rethinking variability and egalitarianism among modern forager societies. Ethnoarchaeology 7(1): 22-41.

Greaves, Russell D., and Karen L. Kramer

2014 Hunter–gathereruse of wild plants and domesticates: Archaeological implications for mixedeconomies before agricultural intensification. Journal of Archaeological Science 41: 263-271.

Enloe, James G.

2013 Neanderthal to Neanderthal evolution: preliminary observations on faunal exploitation from Mousterian to Châtelperronian at Arcy-sur-Cure. In Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins, edited by Jamie Clark and John Speth, pp. 163-172. Springer.